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Apostles Corps of Discovery Presses On

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Apostles Corps of Discovery Presses On

Daniel Bonner

Next Meeting is Wednesday, October 19, at 7:15pm
at the Pender Dr. Office & Community Center

Thank you to all who could participate in our last meeting on September 21.  There was lively discussion that grew from our reading of Canoeing The Mountainsby Tod Bolsinger In it we discussed how Transformational Leadership is at the nexus of our Adaptive Capacity, Technical Competence and Relational Congruence all showing  how the unique ways God has gifted us in diversity fuels all of this. 

We also spent time considering the Systematic Issues that face our World/Nation/Community/Church and how we are called to speak God’s loving truth into these issues to help people in their everyday lives, and connect them to Jesus and his reconciling and healing love. (The issues we covered were: Increased Secularization, Conflict of values between the Church and wider society, Devaluation of religion, Political polarization, Disdain for the Church, Social and Ethnic Injustice).

We also discussed the Epilogue: “Taking the Hill with Grandma”.  In it, we see how everyone has a place in this great adventure, regardless of age, abilities or background to participate in the transformation of the community, and in doing so, be further discipled and transformed ourselves.

I enjoyed our time together and look forward to our next meeting on Wednesday, October 19 at 7:15pm at our Offices & Community Center at 3957 Pender Dr. in Fairfax.  At this meeting we’ll be discussing our next book: Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World Through Everyday People by Smith/Stonestreet (ISBN 978-0-8010-0030-0).  This book looks to address the issues we discussed and more, through the loving power of God expressed through His people willing to give themselves to his service.  It is an easy and enjoyable read filled with real life illustrations of how to walk this reconciling love out in our everyday lives. I am hoping that, springing from this conversation we can begin to formulate experimental ways to tangibly show the community how much God loves them.  (As an aside point I am meeting with representatives of Willow Springs School administration this week to get a better feel for the needs of the community from their perspective.  I plan to share what I learned with you.)

If this interests you and you’d like to know more, or possibly join the Corps, please contact pastor Joe at or at (703) 591-1974 ext. 103.