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Planning Board and Public Hearing Update

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Planning Board and Public Hearing Update

Daniel Bonner


Grace and peace to you in Jesus Christ. I give thanks to the Lord for you every day, and the journey he’s called us on together. I love the season of Epiphany we are currently enjoying.  It not only reminds me but propels me to continue to look to the Lord and the ways he empowers us to make his name known and share his love with all people. We do this in the knowledge that in his time, all will have the opportunity to enjoy his loving embrace, and he invites us to join him in this grand adventure. It is the mission of the Church.

We have the opportunity to do our part in this mission in our new worship location at Willow Springs School, where we’ve just begun to meet on Sundays. In the coming weeks we will begin to reach out in love to the Willow Springs community, so stay tuned. This community extends to and around our new property on Lee Highway where we are currently in the preliminary development process.

In regard to this process, we’ve crossed a milestone this past Tuesday evening as we met with the Planning Board of the Braddock District of Fairfax County. At that meeting, we presented our proposal for the General Development plan and were warmly received and unanimously approved. This approval went before the Fairfax County Planning Commission at a public hearing on Wednesday evening. At that meeting, we heard several concerns from our neighbors, all of which we are working on as we do want to be good neighbors ourselves. We have a follow-up meeting on February 1 to address the concerns, and God willing, move forward with the county’s approval. All of this is consistent with the time frame we were hoping and praying for so please continue to keep us in prayer as we progress through this process.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday, as we worship the Lord in Spirit and truth. 

Blessings in Jesus Christ –