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Christmas Cookies with Wycliffe

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Christmas Cookies with Wycliffe

Daniel Bonner

Each December, Bill Bremmer and his colleagues in Wycliffe Bible Translators' local office distribute tins of Christmas cookies to various embassies and partner organizations that represent people groups in need of Scripture translation and other literacy and language development efforts. They are looking for people to sign up to bake batches of Christmas cookies to be collected by Sunday, December 3.

This is a great way of developing good relationships and opening doors with the governments of the countries where these minority language groups live. It's a very "human" way of reaching policymakers who aren't used to such personal touches, and it has opened doors to some very important meetings.

If you'd like to be a part of this unique way of promoting Bible translation for those who don't yet have it in a language they can understand, please contact the church office at (703) 591-1974 or e-mail Bill at