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Ukraine Update from Malcolm Philips

Daniel Bonner

WHAT: English Club Ukraine 2017 - CRU Ukraine - Short-Term Mission
WHEN: 13-18 March 2017 (English Club) - Travel Date Range:  10/11 to 20/21 March 2017
WHERE: Kyiv, Ukraine
WHO: English speakers all ages to share culture, language, and faith—especially Americans
HOW: Work in pairs w/ Ukrainian college students (English practice, sharing faith, fun)

My next mission trip to Kyiv, Ukraine is 10th to 26th March. A central part of this will be to join with Campus Crusade (CRU) for their spring 2017 English Club (13th to the 18th). This is during the George Mason U Spring Break. Open to all ages, it is a great opportunity for young Ukrainians to meet Americans, use English and learn about God on a personal level. English Club volunteers need a willingness to learn about new culture, help others practice their English with native speakers. They will also share the love of Christ with them helping to see that God is personal and not distant.

CRU is a wonderful organization doing great work around the world. This is only one of the many ways that they are helping young people all over the world change their lives and that of others by finding God. This group in Kyiv is close to my heart as I know several of their members. It is truly inspiring to see their passion to share the Good News through relationships. They build trust and friendship first which leads to open conversation and experiences for God to reach hearts. Natalya, a female leader is one of the kids that I've known for 13 years--from summer missions now sharing with others. She is now leading others after herself learning much from Antonina.

More information is below, including my contact information for more details. Please share and ask me any questions that you have. I plan to buy airline tickets between 17th and 20th March but can still get good prices and seat options through the end of February if needed for others who may want to join.

YouTube video of last English Club 2016:\
CRU Kyiv (Ukraine for Christ) Website:
CRU Kyiv Facebook page:
Antonina--a most awesome young lady

Pastor Malcolm PHILLIPS