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DOMA Cross-Cultural Evangelism Series

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DOMA Cross-Cultural Evangelism Series

Daniel Bonner

Saturdays, January 7th - February 18th, 2017, from 10am - Noon
At the Pender Dr. Office & Community Center in St. Peter's Chapel
Cost: $10 (covers all six weeks)

Week 1, Saturday, January 7: Introducing Spiritual Formation in Multicultural Evangelism, Why I believe what I believe about Jesus, and what are ways to begin forming the conversation across cultural divides. How does the truth of the Bible connect across cultural understanding.


Week 2: Saturday, January 21: God’s All Encompassing Plan of Salvation for All Creation –Explores this truth as Scripture works out for us, how everyone is in need of salvation and this has been God’s plan all along.

Week 3: Saturday, January 28: Why belief and a basic understanding of the Trinity is essential, and how we communicate that understanding across cultures and to believers of different faiths, or no faith.

Week 4: Saturday, February 4: The Person of Christ.  Jesus is unique in history.  The one person, fully God and fully human who came to save us and rule over us, in a benevolent rule of true justice, love, and peace.

Week 5: Saturday, February 11: The Person of the Holy Spirit and the empowering presence it brings to the Church. The Holy Spirit is God among us still, we will incorporate a simple exercise to help people new to Christianity experience the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit, something any of us can do.

Week 6: Saturday, February 18: Conclusion and wrap of the five previous weeks with a method of approach for evangelizing people different from us, along with an introduction into Part 2 which will commence in the Spring where we will focus specifically on Evangelism of people from a Muslim context.

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