Congregational Meeting Recap

September 25, Congregational Meeting recap
Proverb 16:9

“In our life we may plan our course, but it is the Lord who determines our steps.” 

This past Sunday following our afternoon service we met as a congregation to be updated on the progress of our building plans, review and express our opinion on a new venue for Sunday worship, and review our congregational stewardship year-to-date along with plans for 2017. All this was in the context of living into our vision and mission of being a church who is:

  • Living in the joy of Jesus
  • Outwardly Focused
  • Community Centric
  • Multi-ethnic
  • Discipling Relationally

In relation to the building, we shared architectural drawings (seen here), that the plans were progressing with Fairfax County, our building and architectural teams, and that it is looking like we are on track to break ground by the summer of 2017.

In relation to our prospect for a new venue within the community of our new property on Lee Highway, we discussed the prospect of moving into Willow Springs Elementary School for Sunday worship as a way to engage and serve the community, while being able to all worship together on Sunday morning. Those present expressed their opinions and ultimately, by a show of hands, voted overwhelmingly positive for making this move. This gave the Vestry and Staff confidence to move forward at their respective meetings this week to begin to put the pieces in place for this move, looking most likely to be in January of 2017. If you still have questions or concerns on this we would like to hear from you at: as soon as possible. There is much planning to undertake in this initiative, as we will look to re-plant this church in a new community, being mindful of our call to serve as apostles.

In terms of stewardship we shared the results thus far of our Destined For Joy Campaign, how we are at 65% of the proceeds pledged received, while only 50% of the time of fulfillment has gone by. This is very encouraging. All the glory goes to God for this, and our thanks to you who have given generously as God has moved you. If you still have not joined in, please check out this page, and feel welcome to contact Pastor Joe with any questions.

In terms of stewardship we also reviewed our giving year-to-date, and as we are behind in this category, we were encouraged to catch up as needed, and to press into the Lord for his direction and will to be done.

It was wonderful to see all who were there and engage in the very dynamic and positive conversation. I am excited about the year ahead and look forward to what our Lord has in store for us.

With blessings in Christ Jesus,