Christmas Pastoral Letter

Beloved in Christ,

A blessed Christmas to you and your family. I hope and trust you are enjoying the realization, especially this season, that God is truly with us in the person of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. In times past, we referred to the counting of the years as AD 2018, from the Latin “Anno Domini,” “in the year of our Lord.” History turned when Jesus, King of Kings, took human form and was born on earth, and the world has never been the same. Amidst all the uncertainty we face in today’s day and age, we can be certain in knowing that despite all the turbulence, God is in charge and the reconciliation of all creation, accomplished through Jesus, is coming in its fullness. As His body on earth, the Church spreads this message of reconciliation through its words and actions. At the center of this is the heart of the Father, overflowing with His love for creation. We as His body are an important part of His means for dispensing that love. Especially in this season, please remember the awesome privilege and responsibility we have to be His means of grace, his continuing gift to the world, that the world will know his Son, and in knowing him, will experience his peace, hope, joy and love. May you and your family know this and live it.

Peace in Christ -

Joseph Acanfora