Lenten Devotional Study

A Disciple’s Devotional For Lent

This year, for the season of Lent, Apostles will embark on a home grown devotional series to be published in Blog format on our website and available in print form for those without web access.  This past year we have been intentionally pressing into Discipleship, and have about 30 participants actively involved in the Discipleship Essentials study series by Greg Ogden. In an effort to both promote the benefits of this study and give our participants the opportunity to share what they have been learning, while blessing our congregations and their friends in Fairfax and on the campus of George Mason University, we are embarking on this highly participatory means of sharing a Lenten devotional, that will be from and for our community.

Devotional Series Plan
The series will consist of 24 devotionals beginning Ash Wednesday (2/14), and every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during Lent up until Holy Week. During Holy Week we will post a daily devotional Monday 3/26 – Easter Sunday 4/1.

The Devotionals will progress though the Passion Narrative of Jesus in the Gospel according to Mark, and progressively reflect on the 24 Lessons (chapters) from Discipleship Essentials – A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ, by Greg Ogden.  Those involved in the Discipleship Essentials study groups are invited to be contributors to the Lenten devotional series and will be assigned specific passages and days.

We hope and trust you will be blessed to prayerfully follow along with this scripturally based devotional, and be drawn closer to Jesus in doing so.

In Christ,
Joseph Acanfora