Nehemiah: Foundations of Faith Introduction Letter

Beloved in Christ,

These past few months have been exciting for me, and I hope, in a good way for you as well. In June, we finished up our Destined for Joy campaign with extraordinary results. We committed to pray, work and give $2,362,929 three years ago to the Vision God gave us for His Church. By His grace, empowering the generosity and sacrificial giving of His people, we have contributed $2,388,083!  Statistics show that typically, for giving campaigns to be considered “successful”, 85 - 90% attainment of pledged amounts is all that is expected. But thanks be to God, we harvested over 101% to give to the Vision of Church of the Apostles, and because of it, have been able to purchase land and begin a building project.  

This, coupled with the breakthroughs we’ve enjoyed in reaching the surrounding community through our Willow Springs partnership, interaction with our new neighbors, the growth in breadth and depth at Apostles Campus Church at George Mason University, and the miraculous healing we’ve been privileged to witness our Lord accomplish through our Healing Ministry, has tuned me deeper into times of pause, prayerfully contemplating the good things our Lord is doing through us, as we respond humbly in service to His call.   

Reflecting on all of this, as I watch the walls of our new building rise, I am inspired to share with you the Book of Nehemiah, as both lesson and inspiration for us in this season of watching our walls rise. God called Nehemiah from exile to go to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall of the city for the sake of God’s people in the city. 

For the past six years, we have, in a way been in a state of exile, not sure where our home is. Now, God has made it clear where that will be and the walls of His church are rising on Lee Highway. What is the future God is calling us to in this place, in this season? If you remember our groundbreaking ceremony back on August 19, our children, the next generation, were the ones to break the ground for this new expression of Church. We did this because we see this place, this “city on a hill”, as the place from which we and our children for generations to come, will come to know Jesus Christ and more fully make him known. Our city, Fairfax, desperately needs to know and experience the love of God in Jesus Christ. The story of Nehemiah some 2,500 years ago can help us to understand how in our place and time we can rise to the occasion and make Christ known.

Over the next five Sundays, we’ll look at the Book of Nehemiah in our message time on Sunday. In the weeks between, we will provide a format for each of us to take a closer look at God’s Word and contemplate what He is calling each of us to do. I ask and pray that you follow along, take the time to prayerfully contemplate each week’s message and each day’s devotion that you will experience for yourself what God is calling you to do individually, and Church of the Apostles as His Church.

I commend this all to you in Christ Jesus.

Your servant in Him,

Joseph Acanfora+