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Apostles Designated Gift List

As of March 20, 2017

This list is intended for gifts and offerings above the tithe. You may make a designated gift to many
of these ministries (marked **) through our online donation page at here or by writing a check to
Church of the Apostles Anglican (COAA) and include the ministry name in the memo line.

Apostles Ministries

Building (Destined For Joy) Fund (**)
Music/Worship Arts
Flower Ministry
Youth/Camp Scholarship Funds(**)
Children’s Ministry
Youth Ministries
Sunday School Offerings
Compassion Fund (**)
Clergy Discretionary Fund
Apostles’ Healing Center (**)
Seminarian Support (**)
Apostles @ Mason (GMU) (**)
Apostles For Life
Harry Zeiders - Relocation
Willow Springs Ministry Initiative (**)

Local Missions/Outreach

Christmas/Easter Outreach Programs
Bethany House
2C8 Car Ministry
CANA Bishop (Bishop Dobbs)
Grate Patrol
Lamb Center
Prison Ministry (**)
Regeneration of Northern VA
Chi Alpha – Nicholas & Melanie (Fish) Arakaky


Short-Term Mission (STM) Trips

American Indian STM Trip
Kenya / St. Nicholas STM Trip
Youth Ministries STM Trip
Uganda STM Trip
Ukraine STM Trip


Wycliffe - Bill & Kerry Bremmer
Middle East - Dale G.
Syria - Bassam & Nadia
Wycliffe - Mike & Julia Anne McCord
Paraguay - Sharon McCririe
InterServe - Paul & Pat Stock (Pakistan)

International & National Missions

Alive Global – Nita Edwards
American Indian Ministry (**)
Barnabas Fund



St. Nicholas General Fund (**)
St. Nicholas Sponsorship (**)
St. Nicholas Tuition (**)
St. Nicholas Special Projects/Uniforms (**)
St. Nicholas Children’s Food
St. Nicholas Staff Food
St. Nicholas Mission

Sudan Ministries (**)
Uganda – Generations Dev. Missions (**)
Alison Barfoot East Africa Evangelism
Orphanages for Africa (Catherine Evans)(**)

European Missions:

Romania – Mihail Ciopasiu
Ukraine Outreach

(**) – donation can be made online