Letter From the Rector

Our rector, the Rev. Joe Acanfora, has written a letter to us all about our Destined for Joy campaign to support God’s vision for Church of the Apostles. Please read it prayerfully and respond joyfully!

Dear Church of the Apostles,

When we introduced the Steering Committee for our Destined for Joy campaign to support God’s vision for the church on Sunday, we all joined together to enter one of the most exciting periods in our church’s history. God has given us a picture of His heart and is asking us to join Him in reaching out to our community to share His love.

The Vestry and Staff have prayed, planned, and are now preparing for the future. One of the steps necessary for implementing this vision is to secure a location, a building from which we can unleash the love of Christ. We know that God will give us the resources necessary to fund the purchase of such a location. This will be one of the most far-reaching challenges in our church’s history and will cost a great deal of money, but God is calling us to do this and He will provide what is needed – He has already provided it and is now looking for willing hearts to release it back to Him. He did the same with the Israelites when constructing the “tent of meeting” as seen in Ex. 35:5. “Take from among you a contribution to the Lord. Whoever is of generous heart, let him bring the Lord’s contribution….” God gave the Israelites much wealth when they left Egypt and then asked them to use it for His purpose.

The Vestry and Staff looked for someone who could lead us successfully through this major effort. After many hours of study and presentations and after consulting with Bishop John Guernsey and others, we have prayerfully chosen STEWARDSHIP ENRICHMENT from Dallas to lead us through our Destined for Joy Campaign, because it is a scripture-based campaign with the leading of the Holy Spirit – an approach that is indigenous to Church of the Apostles. God is calling us, personally and corporately, into a more intimate, close relationship with Him from which comes a spiritual commitment to answer our financial need.

Randy Watts, our consultant from Stewardship Enrichment, has been used by God as a blessed emissary in hundreds of churches all across America to focus our attention not on money-raising, but on God. The result is in an outpouring of generous hearts that has helped churches raise the financial commitments required. The testimonies we hear from these churches about the spiritual impact on their congregations excite us even more than hearing about the financial success.

We will all be given the opportunity to be involved during the next three months. The first major and most significant activity of STEWARDSHIP ENRICHMENT is a call to prayer. Many will open their homes for Small Groups—“HIS JOY” Meetings. I hope that you will either open your home as a host family or will attend the meetings most convenient for you.

STEWARDSHIP ENRICHMENT calls for a spiritual response — prayer — to answer the financial need in the church. Begin now to pray for our church’s leadership as we plan for STEWARDSHIP ENRICHMENT and let’s pray for each other that we will find God’s will for our lives individually as a part of His will for our church.

God has great things in store for us. Heaven will meet the earth through the working of His Spirit in us. We must be ready to seek His will through prayer and be willing to follow His will in faith.

Thank you for your love and support and prayers. Let’s work together to make this a Spiritual quest that will strengthen Church of the Apostles, challenge us to “grow in the grace of giving, and lead us to a sacrificial commitment that will be “acceptable and very pleasing to God.” (Philippians 4:18b)

You servant in Christ Jesus,

Joseph Acanfora+ Rector Church of the Apostles, Anglican