Combining Our Gifts: Together We Can!

Years ago at Church of the Apostles, I was drawn to a need in the bulletin for volunteers for Grate Patrol. But I knew others would respond and they wouldn’t need me. The next week I saw the notice again. Again I didn’t respond. I knew they wouldn’t need me now. And the next week….

After a few weeks I thought, Maybe they really do need me. And I summoned the courage to call someone (our own Faith!) to volunteer, hoping I wasn’t too late.

I worked with Grate Patrol for a decade or so. I loved to talk and pray with guys on the streets of D.C. But there was something else I thought was really cool: People who weren’t comfortable getting out of the canteen truck and talking with homeless people could serve food out the truck window, or shop back in Fairfax, or cook, or clean up—or pray.

Here’s my point. The community “overflow” we’ve seen in the last year as part of our vision—

“Church of the Apostles glorifies God by celebrating the healing power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, praise and worship that overflows into community, living the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

—is a combination of our multiple gifts. Someone last December who wasn’t comfortable acting in “Christmas in Bethlehem” ended up inviting a dog-walking neighbor who happened to have her young niece visiting; both came to the event. Someone less comfortable talking with homeless guests at the picnic last July baked yummy fudgy brownies for them. I wasn’t comfortable leading kids in games at “Fun in the Park” last September, but I could help run the snow cone machine. (Sort of.)

And so on. We fulfill one another by being ourselves and bringing what’s in our hand.

So how will you fit into our new capital campaign, “Destined for Joy”? By bringing with a cheerful and willing heart what the Lord has given you.

Individually we can’t. Together we can.

Jane Campbell
Media/Information Team