Racing Towards Joy

There is a saying: Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

I am sitting at my kitchen table writing this, with my legs propped up on another chair; an ice pack nestled against my left knee. I have just been for a run.

I hurt.

I am the person who doesn’t do running. My way of staying (comparatively) fit involves taking a couple of dogs for a 25 minute walk every day or so. I run up and down the stairs quite a few times a day. Occasionally there will be a short lived bout of using our elliptical for its given purpose - (not just as a convenient structure on which to place my clothes.)

But running?


I don’t do running.

Except now I do. (Sort of)

What changed my mind?

It was because someone said “I am doing this, will you do it with me?”

Usually I would dig my heels in and give the usual “I don’t do running” excuses.

And I tried.

But my friend didn’t give in.

And eventually I decided to try it.

And now, although my knee hurts and my muscles ache, I am glad I started. My friend and I hope to carry on with this running lark, and get better, and get good enough not only to be (and stay) fitter, but also to run a 5K ... and who knows, maybe eventually further. (Just don’t hold your breath on that one)

Sometimes it takes an effort to get started on something. We dig our heels in and don’t want to be bothered. It is far more comfortable sitting on the couch than running that 5K. But once we get motivated. Once someone encourages us and accompanies us along the way, it can actually begin to be fun.

The new home groups for the Destined for Joy campaign will be up and running (excuse the pun) soon. They will provide a fun way to mix socially with others from the Church, do bible studies together, and get to know more about the campaign. Have you signed up? The journey towards the future that God has planned for Church of the Apostles is about to begin.

Time to get up out of our comfy chairs, put on our running shoes and join the race to our destiny ... living the joy of knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior - and sharing the power of His saving grace within the community.

Lynne Harris
Media/Information Team