Your Destined for Joy Campaign Checklist


It's Wednesday. Did you read Psalm 51:12 today?

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and sustain in me a willing spirit.

You did if you are following the daily prayer reminders on your Destined for Joy campaign tri-fold. It is Wednesday's scripture reading under the reminder to "Pray for a Willing Heart."

The reminder to pray for a willing heart is also on your campaign bookmark for Wednesday:

Heavenly Father, You loved us enough to give Your Son for us. Help us to love You enough to give in support of the work for which Your Son died. Thank You for the Gift beyond words.

These are many other ways that you can participate in the Destined for Joy campaign as we proceed towards Unity Sunday and a time of making commitments. Our small groups are a blessing and support in providing vision clarity and enthusiasm to a great many of us. Here is a checklist of some of the other ways in which to invest in the campaign and to encourage your fellow members of Church of the Apostles:

☐ I visit the Destined for Joy campaign table every Sunday to obtain any available new resources.

☐ I regularly check the Church of the Apostles website for any new events and for materials to print out.

☐ I have watched the Vision Video and encouraged others to watch it.

☐ I read each new blog post here on "Reflections from the Campaign Trail" when it is posted.

☐ I join in the discussion by commenting on the blog posts.

☐ I share the blog posts and other campaign matters from the Church of the Apostles' Facebook page on my own page.

☐ I have shared, or am planning to share, my testimony to encourage others by contacting Alice Buck, our campaign Testimony Team Leader.

☐I am looking forward to participating in Unity Sunday on May 31.


Don't miss the blessing from participating in any of these simple but meaningful activities to promote our Destined for Joy campaign!

Faith McDonnell
Media/Information Team Leader