Louise Rosenbaum

I believe that many of you know that money has been tight for me over time, although considerably better now, but far from 'rich' as money goes. I share this because for a number of years I was poor, and although I kept my car, I wasn't able to keep up with repairs that my car could survive without. Well, one thing has existed in my car for 10-plus years! My "check engine" light stayed on, making passage of the emissions test required every 2 years quite a challenge. I would have to find a mechanic who could do something to make the light disappear until the test was conducted.

This year, whatever the mechanic was doing wasn't working -- the light stayed on. So I had to get fixed whatever was causing it to go on in the first place. I pray every night, and now I was praying that I could find someone to fix it, and not charge more than I could set aside.

I tried a different, well-respected mechanic. That mechanic shop found the problem and hoped that they had repaired it, charging me nothing! Then they asked me if I would like them to do my state inspection again, to replace the expired "rejection" sticker from March. I told them to go ahead, not knowing that their inspection was very different from any inspection I'd ever had. When finished, I was presented with a long list of what they had found. When I asked them to price it, it equaled $1872.70. $1872.70!!?

I had no idea where I would find that kind of money! I went back to prayer, and I also told a few people about my challenging situation. The friend who had referred me to this mechanic suggested I go to my credit union and get a small line of credit, which sounded good to me.

When I mentioned this solution to my friend in New York, she was very against the idea. She told me she could help me! I was speechless! She went on to tell me that the Lord had been talking to her for the last three days about my situation! I told her that I had already talked to the Compassion Committee, and now, with her help, it looked possible to put enough money together to fix my car.

I kept thanking my friend! I couldn't find other words! She told me to thank the Lord, not her.

"I'm very obedient, Louise!" she said. "So thank the Lord. That's where it belongs."

- Luise Rosenbaum