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From the Author:

"A Journey of Faith" originally began about seven years ago in our former church in Gilbertsville, New York, because I found myself sitting in the pew every Sunday with people I thought I knew, but in essence, found I didn't know at all. Around that time, I had been asked to serve on the communications committee and I was in agreement that the communication within our church left a lot to be desired. Out of curiosity, I began to really wonder what made these wonderful people I was surrounded with, and had known for some 20 odd years in the church, actually tick. What I began to realize in short order was that everyone has a story to tell about their life in Christ. Many times when I asked folks for an interview they would inevitably say, "Oh my life is so ordinary. You should interview someone more exciting than me!!!" But, what I found out, and ultimately they did as well, is that wherever and whenever Christ has entered a person's life, it is exciting and that needs to be shared!

With this in mind, I have initiated "A Journey of Faith" here at Apostles. The Holy Spirit directs me in seeking out the person for these interviews, so please do not think I don't like you or haven't thought of you for an interview! There have been times when I really wanted to choose someone other than the person the Holy Spirit has directed me to! He always knows better than I do, therefore I have found myself writing the stories of the young and elderly, the newly received in Christ, "Cradle Christians" and literally everyone in between. It is great fun to share what the Lord is doing in the lives of those surrounding us. It gives great encouragement and hope. I have also begun to realize it can be a real tool for evangelism as people have shared the articles with those outside the church. It is my prayer that as we begin to know and understand each other better, that the Lord will continue to knit us together so tightly that those bonds among His "body" will not be shaken or broken. I would like to thank Joe for agreeing to be the "guinea pig" in this endeavor and hope you enjoy his interview.

Beth Acanfora