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Clergy are the ordained ministers of the church. These leaders have advanced theological training and offer spiritual oversight for the congregation.

(703) 591-1974 ext. 103

(703) 591-1974 ext. 103

The Rev. Joe Acanfora

Joe and his wife, Beth, have hearts to minister with power and God’s grace, serving His Church and reaching out into the community to serve others. They joined our church family in November, 2012 after having spent over 26 years in upstate New York. Joe and Beth have three grown sons and one very active dog.

As Rector, Joe is the priest in charge of our church and guides our congregation through his preaching, teaching and spiritual oversight.

(703) 591-1974 ext. 111

(703) 591-1974 ext. 111

The Rev. Josh Kammerer
Associate Pastor

Josh serves as the Director of Discipleship at Apostles, and helps oversee the areas of Pastoral Care and the Young Adult Ministry. In his role as Director of Discipleship, Josh helps to coordinate teachings and classes for Confirmation. Josh also serves as the lead pastor of Apostles at Mason.

Josh is married to his lovely wife, Stephanie Wong, and they live in Washington, DC.

(703) 591-1974 ext. 200

(703) 591-1974 ext. 200

The Rev. Vanessa Bickle

Vanessa is our Deacon. She coordinates several of the worship ministries including the Altar Guild, Lay Eucharist Ministers, Lectors, and the Bread Ministry.

Vanessa also provides all of the IT support needs at Apostles.



The Vestry is an elected body of lay members of the church who conduct the business of the parish.

The Senior Warden is appointed by the Rector and approved by the Vestry, and the Junior Warden is elected by the Vestry members. The Senior Warden’s main responsibility is to support and advise the Rector. The Junior Warden’s main responsibility is to perform duties as assigned by the Rector.

Unless an executive session is called, all vestry meetings are open to church members. For downloadable copies of minutes from recent vestry meetings, visit the Vestry Minutes page. If you have any questions for the vestry, please contact the Vestry Liaison.

Tyler Aberle
Senior Warden

John Stock
Junior Warden

Daniel Klein
Vestry Member

Jane Cambell
Vestry Member

Lynne Harris
Vestry Member

Paul St. Andre
Vestry Member

Tamara Otten
Vestry Member

Judith Heisinger
Vestry Member

Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leaders at Church of the Apostles are responsible for guiding and directing specific areas of service in the church and in the greater community.

(703) 591-1974 ext. 112

(703) 591-1974 ext. 112

Kristin Colligan
Children's Ministry Director
The Apostles Healing Center Director

As Children’s Ministry Director, Kristin oversees the Sunday School education program, which offers interactive, age-appropriate classes that teach and strengthen the children in their spiritual walk with God.  She also plans and oversees exciting summer programs for children, and trains up teens to minister to the children through these programs.

Kristin also serves as the Associate Director of The Healing Center at Apostles. Kristin oversees the teaching of the Healing Center as well as the training of the other instructors.

Fawn Phillips
Worship Arts Supervisor

Fawn coordinates and oversees the worship services at Church of the Apostles. She also is responsible for special events and services for Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions.

(703) 591-1974 ext. 205

(703) 591-1974 ext. 205

Chris Rothgeb
Worship Leader, Interim Youth Pastor

Chris is our primary worship leader at Church of the Apostles. Chris also currently serves as our Interim Youth Pastor, coordinating all aspects of our Youth Ministry. He is passionate about raising up young worship leaders and inspiring a generation to wholeheartedly pursue God. He is enrolled at George Mason University where he is nearing completion of a degree in Film and Video Studies.

John Kirby
Volunteer Coordinator

John is our volunteer coordinator at Church of the Apostles. John is responsible for the scheduling, recruitment, and supervision of the setup and teardown team for our Sunday morning church service at Willow Springs Elementary School.

Bill Bremmer
Outreach Coordinator

Bill is the Outreach Coordinator at Church of the Apostles. He is responsible for overseeing national and international outreach including short- and long-term mission trips. Bill also coordinates support for our long-term missionaries.


Office Staff


Pam Marsh
Administrative Assistant
Facilities Coordinator
Nursery Coordinator

Pam is the church’s Administrative Assistant, Nursery Coordinator, and Facility Coordinator. Pam helps keep the church office running smoothly, coordinates the nursery and child care workers for worship services and church events, and coordinates the calendar for church activities.

(703) 591-1974 ext 110

(703) 591-1974 ext 110

Daniel Bonner
Creative Media Coordinator

Daniel is our Creative Media Coordinator. He oversees the various means of media used to communicate our message to the church and the community, including visual and graphical design, website, newsletter, and social media.

(703) 591-1974 ext 104

(703) 591-1974 ext 104

Phil Rooney

Phil is the Treasurer at Church of the Apostles. He manages the funds of the church and helps ministries to steward resources appropriately to advance the Kingdom of God.

(703) 591-1974 ext 105

(703) 591-1974 ext 105

Dianna DeMarr

Dianna is one of our Bookkeepers at Apostles. Dianna’s responsibilities include handling the weekly offerings, organizing schedule for church offering counters, church credit card statements, and staff time sheets and payroll.

(703) 591-1974 ext 106

Jenny Uehlinger

Jenny is one of our Bookkeepers here at Church of the Apostles. Jenny’s primary responsibilities include accounts payable, bookkeeping entries, expense reporting and designated funds updates to ministry and missions leaders, as well as processing of online contributions and payments. She assists the Treasurer with preparations for the annual financial reports, and updates the church database and membership information.