The Facts of Life


In our Gospel passage this week, the word “life” is repeated at least 5 times depending on the translation. Jesus is giving us the key to life along with the facts of life. God has abundance, but we still fear scarcity. The key to gaining true riches, Jesus says, is to be abundantly generous in giving to those whose needs are greater than our own, and there is always someone in greater need.

5 points about life:
1. Life is not about the stuff we have
2. Life is more than food and clothes
3. Life is wasted when we worry
4. Life is for seeking God and His Kingdom
5. Life follows what we treasure

“Show me a generous person and I’ll show you someone who truly trusts God and knows all things come from him.”

Ecclesiastes 1:12-2:11
Psalm 33:18-22
Luke 12:13-34

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