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Devotionals: Week 1

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As we journey together through Destined for Joy: A Campaign for Living our Vision, I look forward to our growing closer to God and closer together as a church body. As a way of doing this, we are providing daily devotionals that will take us through the next 42 days. Each Thursday for the next 6 weeks you will receive a week's worth of devotionals by email. I encourage each of you to incorporate these devotionals into your daily time with God; and for families to set aside time to do these devotionals together. As we each grow individually and as a family, I believe we will also grow as a church. The devotionals for Week 1 can be downloaded below and begin with a letter from Stewardship Enrichment. This letter explains more about the devotionals and how to use them, and it also contains a Table of Contents showing the topics for all 42 days. However each weekly email will have only the next 7 days of devotionals to begin on each Sunday.

In Christ,

Joe Acanfora+
Rector, Church of the Apostles